Online Feedback Management

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  • Faculty

TLO to assessments mapping, questions to CO mapping, Assessment to CO mapping, CO to PO mapping, PO to PEO mapping, PEO to mission statement mapping are the different levels of mapping that can be done on Edhitch platform. No paper work, no messy excel sheets and collaborative hassles.

Direct attainment can be very easily calculated based on online, written, oral, project based or any other mode of assessment by defining the flexible Rubrics. Faculty only has to map the corresponding assessment types, set rubrics and the system will do the rest of the calculations. Indirect Attainment calculations can also be very easily computed. Faculty has only to define the feedback questionnaire and map the questions with the corresponding CO's. Once the System calculates both the direct and indirect attainments, the CO will be calculated based on the weightage defined by faculty.

Continuous Improvement for students, infrastructure or process. The Program owner will be able to define the Program Outcome for a particular program. After all the calculations, if the PO have been found to be short of the target, the Corrective Actions may be listed and taken from time to time.

Assessment and teaching can be done as per Bloom's Taxonomy of cognitive development.