• Administrator/Faculty/Student
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Student Attendance/Performance
  • Historical/Current/Predictive

Analytics are available at all the accounts-Vice Chancellors, HOD, Faculty, COE and student accounts. Based on their permissions and utility, they see their analytics. Vice Chancellor's account shows the overview of the whole University to understand the major issues, strong points and weaknesses. The Faculty account shows how the whole subject has been taken by students and how each student has performed in various levels. Student account shows their own account related analytics on past/present/future performance. Student performance with respect to the whole class.

Key Performance Indicators in terms of faculty/course progress and Student performance and success can be measured on day to day basis. This will definitely help the management and the administrators take the right decision and elevate the level of the institution. Key Performance indicators:
1. Attendance
2. Student Performance
3. Faculty academic quality
4. Subjects that are received well
5. Subjects that have trouble
6. Bottom performing students
7. Low performing Courses
8. Participation Rate
9. Retention Rate
10.Graduation Rate
11.Employment Outcomes

Student attendance and performance are the key issues to be considered for all the analytics. These help determine whether a student is performing well and can further be challenged or a student is on the weaker side and needs help in a particular area. What is the dropout rate and the retention rate.

A student's complete performance data is available. Their interest/skill/employability data is also available. Based on their previous and current data, the future prediction can be made based on machine learning algorithms. It helps in academics and placement.