Accreditation Management

  • NBA/NAAC/Custom
  • Report Generation
  • Self Explanatory Process

Edhitch Accreditation software is compliant with various accreditation bodies like NBA, NAAC etc. Whether accreditation process is for Engineering, management or any other stream, whether it is for a University(central/state/private/deemed to be), institute, college, whether it is for first time or for subsequent cycles, whether its for tier I or tier II, the software helps with an organized process that gives result efficiently in less time so that institute can actually work on the overall development and not worry about the process.

Powerful reporting tools in Edhitch help generate SAR/SSR for NBA/NAAC and the supporting daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually reports with respect to attendance, student performance, faculty work target achievement, audit report, corrective actions, compliance, syllabus progress, lectures conducted, absentee students, defaulters, publication work, extracurricular, research and development work, publication, placement, final exam result, competency matrix etc.

Edhitch helps seamless collaboration between the Program owner, Course owner and other stakeholders. Software enables easy CO-PO calculation for Faculty who are not much conversant with the accreditation calculation. Most importantly, the transparency of a particular calculation is documented so that can be produced to the accreditation agency.