Assessment Management System

  • Adaptive Tests
  • Revisit Tests
  • Randomization
  • Group Assignments
  • Various Types of Tests

Based on where a student is on his/her learning curve the assignment will be automatically given to them. They go higher on difficulty level when they are performing well. However, they get easier questions when they find it difficult. Assignments adapt as per student performance. If student answers correct, the next question will get more difficult and vice versa. However, if faculty desire, they may make it same assignment to all the students.

Students will be able to review the answers and can change them if they feel later that they were wrong. This is applicable in some assignments. There are options where revisit may not be possible.

Students get questions in a random manner. From a large question bank, a certain number of questions go to students in a random fashion. It can be designed such that no two students will be getting exactly same questions.

For the Project work, collaborative work, presentation or any other type of requirement, a group of few students may be given a single assignment. They can work collaboratively and then only one of them needs to submit the answer. Rest of them will get the same grade.

There are subjective, Objective, True False, Short Answer, Combination of all types, Adaptive, Non adaptive(Fixed Questions), Part Wise Assignments where Part A can not be revisited but Part B and C can be revisited, Where no questions can be revisited and where all questions can be revisited. Students can type their answers in editor or students can upload their files by handwritten or typed answers--it may be word doc or a pdf file. One can choose a combination of tests to form a new test where questions can be reviewed later or not reviewed later.

Automatic grading uses the text analysis to compare the content from the given standard answer. It works where faculty are aware that the subject can have a fixed answer. If Faculty gives the standard answer, the student answers will be automatically compared with the the standard answer and will be graded automatically.