Learning Management System

  • OBE Centered
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Flipped Learning Model
  • Course Plan and Assessments
  • Various Other Features

The LMS follows the guidelines of OBE at every activity. The data generated by LMS operations follow the guidelines of OBE. This saves the redundancy of operations while generating accreditation reports.

The analytics part takes into account all the historical and current data with respect to an individual student performance, the class collective performance and how a particular subject has been received by the class in general. It shows the key performance indicators for faculty to decide on various factors that may improve performance to a great extent. Also, it becomes easy to identify the weaker section of class and work on them. The reports related to student assessment/exams/class performance can be exported in individual/consolidated format.

Uploading the course material before the actual class can help students understand the concepts and then they can focus on a more interactive session with students where the class discussion can be collaborative rather than Any kind of files including video files can be shared on Edhitch.

Lesson/Course Plan with complete credit details can be planned. Students will simultaneously know about the course details and the percentage target achieved. This will help administration know about the progress of the course and generate reports. All the elements of Course Plan can be linked with Course Outcome and Bloom's levels of Taxonomy. This also helps in generating reports about how much target has been achieved in terms of syllabus completion in classroom teaching. Please check assessment management in detail to know more.

Lesson Plan
Reports related to students
Resource Upload
Discussion Board
CO-PO Calculation