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How Edhitch can help Professors and Institutes realize their goals, enhance brand value, increase revenue, and popularize with students with reduced work load. Administrators can get useful information about course, professors and students to help them improve their learning experiences by Edhitch Analytics.

Professor Benefits

Whether classes are face to face, online or hybrid, our cloud based platform facilitates anywhere, anytime learning access. Distance and time can not hamper learning process.

Reach out to your students and more students around the world and get paid!

Save time, increase efficiency and reduce redundancy!

Improve your student learning ability!

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Student Benefits

Edhitch provides tools for class management—paperless class—the resources, assignment, discussion, review, grade, feedback.

You deserve to achieve much more than you did by exploiting your full potential.

Get educated from world's top experts irrespective of where you live or study!

We help you find a perfect tutor

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Administrator Benefits

Make data driven decisions about enhancement of courses, professors, students.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your institution and improve!

Get the best out of your Professors!

Increase student retention and help them achieve challenging targets!

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