Frequently Asked Questions

We are cloud based, so you don't need hardware setup on campus or an IT staff to handle that. There would not be any disruption in case of local infrastructure failure. It may be accessed from anywhere.
Your content is your copyright. Our system is highly secure for your data. The database archive would be available even after graduation.
Whether you are a student or a teacher, whether you are preparing for a competitive exam, or aspiring to learn music, getting connected with people who share your dream always makes the journey more fruitful and rewarding. Our algorithm connects you with the people based on their interests, aspirations, dreams, qualifications, position and expertise. Form the study circle with the best talent around the world
Share resources, upload-download assignments, get grades and feedback, hold Q&A discussions, and review the class online. No hassles of papers.
Become a student in the class of any of the educators around the world! Yes, even though you are an educator, be a student to enhance your skill-set. If you are a student, you may become teacher in area of your expertise.
At Edhitch, teachers may get connected to other teachers, share resources, have a discussion or plan an event!
Get connected to students around the world seeking your help in certain subject matter, you are expert in. Join us! Be a private tutor! If you are a student, join classes of your avorite subject or teacher.
Edhitch is a comprehensive solution for classroom learning not just resource sharing or email connectivity. You can keep archieves of class question and asnwers for the future years to save the hours of work per week. You wont have to look for different solutions for different requirements i.e., assignment, grading, scheduling, class Q&A.
Digitalization is future of education like it has been to music and other areas. It enhances efficiency and saves time. Save yourself from regretting in future for not using this. It records all your educational activities and you can just re-use that.
We provide seamless data migration service from your system free of cost.
Only the students whom you allow would be able to access your class. They might be inside or outside your institution.