About Us

Edhitch is started by Stanford University alumni who are passionate about education. Our endeavor is to create a global university where everyone gets smart, effective and personalized education and career help.

Our Mission

What are your educational and career dreams? We at Edhitch, strive to help you achieve your dreams. Edhitch is a platform for learners and facilitators to break the barriers for enhanced learning. We strongly believe that learning should not be hampered by mundane factors like distance or boundaries of University or a classroom. It should rather flourish with interest, dreams, aspiration, guidance, and expertise. In an attempt to reduce the impediments, Edhitch provides tools for virtual classroom and connects the learners and facilitators with matching goals, interests, and qualifications. Career mentoring is an important aspect of realizing your dreams. We help you connect with the high achievers in your area of interest. Our career mentors provide you the 'right' direction, skills, motivation, support, and knowledge to reach your goal as they have been through the same process as you in achieving goals and they understand you. Ask someone who has been like you but has reached his or her goals.