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Classroom management system is a critical resource in building the brand, effective education, attracting students, and empowering quality.
Optimize your most important assets--time and resources. Every year teaching the same subject involves lot of redundancy. Teaching archive at our platform can actually save you from lots of redundant work.
Connect your students in a classroom community and provide them opportunity to ask questions and learn more from the community. As an educator, showcase your work to our community of students around the world and get connected to perfect group of students and provide educational service.
Whether classes are face to face, online or blended, our cloud based SaaS platform facilitates anywhere, anytime learning access. Distance and time can not hamper learning process.
We believe that originally there are no back-benchers. They happen because of the flaw in teaching methodologies, social expectation and behavioral stigma. We provide comprehensive operating infrastructure to institutions, educators and students so that every student can experience the best quality education and there are no back-benchers.
For one-on-one coaching or a group of students, our platform will help you not only in running online class but also in finding the right students.